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Ethics Paracetamol & Ibuprofen Caplets 100s

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Ethics paracetamol and ibuprofen


Ethics Paracetamol & Ibuprofen Double Action Pain Relief caplets contain two ingredients to provide temporary relief of pain and/or inflammation associated with: back pain, period pain, cold and flu symptoms, muscular pain, sore throat, rheumatic pain and non-serious arthritic pain, dental pain, migraine headache, tension headache, headache. It also reduces fever.


Adults & children over 12 years: 1-2 tablets repeated every 6-8 hours if necessary.

Maximum of 6 doses in any 24 hours. Do not exceed stated dose.

Safety Information

  • Use only as directed.

  • For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful.

  • Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

  • Do not use for longer than a few days at a time unless advised by healthcare professional

 Except on doctor's advice, do not use: 
- In children under 12
- If you are over 65
- If you have asthma
- If you are allergic to aspirin or ibuprofen
- If you are trying to become pregnant or are in your first 6 months of pregnancy


Each tablet contains:

Paracetamol 500mg

Ibuprofen 200mg