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Clomazol Broad Spectrum Anti-Fungal Topical Cream 1% 20g

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Clomazol is an anti-fungal cream providing effective treatment for fungal skin conditions such as tinea, athletes foot, ring worm, candidal infections including nappy rash and jock itch.


Apply sparingly to affected area 2 to 3 times daily, continue to use for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear. Avoid contact with latex products e.g. condoms, diaphragms. WARNINGS Seek medical advice before using if you are pregnant. Avoid contact with eyes. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Safety Information

Even while it is good for treating the fungal infections that have occurred in the skin, the Clomazol Broad Spectrum Anti – fungal Topical Cream 1% 20 g should not be used over the fungal infections that have occurred over scalp or nail. Application over wounds, cut, or scratches in the skin surface should be avoided as well. Dressing over the applied area has to be avoided as much as possible. Unless directed by physicians, the applied area is to be left open to avoid any kind of further infections. Any usage of the Clomazol Broad Spectrum Anti – fungal Topical Cream 1% 20 g for ophthalmic purposes is strictly prohibited.

Allergic reactions have been found to appear in a certain section of patients. The reported issues are discomfort, irritation, pain, blisters, erythema, edema, exfoliation, rash, burning, stinging and pruritus. Normally, the irritations are mild and go away soon without the need of any treatment. In the case that they are persisting over a long time, visiting a doctor is probably the best idea.


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