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MYCONAIL Amorolfine 5% Anti Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit. 5ml

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MycoNail Anti Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit contains a powerful antifungal agent that quickly penetrates the nail bed to fight fungus and restore healthy nails.

The MycoNail Anti Fungal Nail Lacquer Kit is easy to use and provides fast results. The lacquer is designed to penetrate deep into the nail bed, killing the fungus and preventing it from spreading. The nail file helps to remove the infected nail and prepare the nail bed for the lacquer.

MycoNail Anti Fungal Lacquer Kit, nail lacquer kit contains:
1x amorolfine lacquer 5mL
60 isopropyl cleansing swabs
30 nail files
10 re-usable spatulas


Apply once to twice per week for at least 6 months.

Safety Information

For external use only.


5% w/v Amorolfine (as hydrochloride).

Contains ethanol.